Park Guidelines

Cemetery crepe myrtle trees in bloom

Welcome to Dix Park!

  • The park is open from dawn until dusk
  • Dogs must be kept on-leash except while in the dog park
  • Professional photographers are welcome to have sessions at the park with a photography permit
  • Keep the park clean and green - dispose of all trash or take it with you.

Please be mindful that…

  • The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services administrative headquarters are located on park grounds. Please be respectful of the employees at work and avoid the buildings and parking areas during business hours, Monday -Friday.
  • Be aware of the weekday public parking areas. On evening and weekends, you can park in any lot.
  • Over 900 people are buried at the cemetery. Please be respectful of this sacred ground.

City Ordinances prohibit…

  • Off-leash dogs
  • Not properly disposing of dog waste
  • Alcohol use (except by permit)
  • Smoking
  • Open flames
  • Camping
  • Drug use
  • Commercial activity (except by permit)
  • Digging, excavating or removing park property

If you are interested in flying a drone at the park...