The Chapel

Greg Poole, Jr. All Faiths Chapel

As the first indoor space in Dix Park, the Greg Poole, Jr. All Faiths Chapel serves as a welcome and event center.

Built in 1955, the chapel’s mid-century modern architecture is well preserved with decorative wood elements, a rose stained-glass window, terrazzo floors, and mid-century stainless fixtures. Renovated in 2020 by the Dix Park Conservancy, the chapel now provides all the amenities of a modern community gathering space while retaining its historic charm.

Chapel Nave facing the front

Visit the Chapel

The Chapel is located at 1030 Richardson Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603. You can find the Chapel on our Visitor Map. The Chapel is currently available only by appointment. 


Park welcome staff, accessible restrooms, family restroom, water fountain and bottle station, mother's room, public parking

Mural painting in the lobby of the chapel

The Mural

As part of the renovation project, Dix Park Conservancy commissioned artwork honoring Dix Park's history for the chapel lobby with the intent of showcasing the breadth of the land's legacy and incorporate the significance of the chapel as a place of community, celebration, and remembrance.

North Carolina artist, Christopher Holt was chosen to create this artwork - a mural informed by the land’s legacy with a concept that speaks to themes of meditation, unity, and recognition.  Learn more in our Chapel Mural Guide.

Event Rentals

Overlooking downtown Raleigh, the Greg Poole, Jr. All Faiths Chapel is a unique venue in the heart of Dix Park available to host a variety of community and private events such as weddings, performances, fundraisers, family reunions, corporate events, and other gatherings.

The main hall has an open floor plan with an elevated stage. Amenities include tables and chairs, catering staging kitchen, two dressing areas, wi-fi, and audio visual capabilities. 

The event lawn can be reserved for outdoor gatherings and events independent of renting the indoor chapel venue. The space is grass covered and beautifully landscaped with shade trees and a brick seating bench surrounding the lawn.

Event Rental Information


Dix Park continues to strive to be accessible and welcoming for visitors, including those with disabilities. Currently, portions of Dix Park, including some areas where programs and events occur, have uneven surfaces and are not fully accessible. Accessibility is a primary focus for early park improvements and all future planning and development.

Parking: ADA parking spaces for the Chapel are to the left and out front of the building. ADA parking spaces are available in all lots.

Building Entrance: Ramp and ADA push button activated door is located to the left of the front of the building. 

Restrooms: Indoor accessible restrooms are available in the Chapel.