Progress at Dix Park

June 18, 2020

flowers field at the park

Exciting park projects are underway

At the June 16 Raleigh City Council meeting, Council reviewed the updated project priorities and unanimously approved the design contract for the Plaza & Play and the funding agreement with the Dix Park Conservancy. Here's what is in the works: 

  • Design of the Plaza & Play with landscape architects Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates – the firm who led the Dix Park Master Plan – kicks off later this summer.
  • Renovation of the All Faith’s Chapel as the first public park building, serving as a welcome and event center for the community.
  • Connection between John Chavis Memorial Park and Dix Park through street and signage improvements, creating a multi-modal urban path.
  • Early park improvements to enrich the daily park visitor experience including signage, seating and shade structures, creating spaces to relax and gather.
  • Feasibility study for enhancement of the Rocky Branch and landfill area. With this project area being by far the most complex on the site, undertaking the study now will greatly aid future decision-making for the Creek.

View the Project Update Presentation

More opportunities to get involved coming soon 

We wouldn't be here without each and every one of you who shared input and aspirations; joined us for community meetings and planning sessions; gave through time or donations; and shared Dix Park with your family and friends. Thank you! 

We invite you to stay involved – or if you haven't been before – get involved! Be a part of the planning process. Help inform the programs and activities that happen at the park. Continue to share your ideas and feedback. Invite your neighbors and folks you know to get involved, too. Only together can we create a park for everyone.