Kate Pearce Speaks at CreativeMornings Raleigh

June 18, 2019

CreativeMornings Raleigh hosts monthly breakfast lecture series for the local creative community. On Friday, May 31 at CAM Raleigh, Dorothea Dix Park Planning Supervisor, Kate Pearce, was invited to speak on the theme: Preserve.

The long history of Dorothea Dix Park is layered with complexities. From native land to plantation to mental health hospital to public park. How to share the truths of the past while building a transformational place for generations to come is one of the greatest responsibilities we face. Watch the video of Kate's inspiring talk that focused on the importance of integrating past, present and future as we plan Raleigh's great central park. 

Kate Pearce Quote CreativeMornings

Kate Pearce CreativeMornings Quote