Master Plan

Creating an extraordinary and inclusive public space requires robust and sincere community engagement.  We need your help to create a park for all of us, one that will truly serve everyone.  Sign up for email updates to stay in the loop about opportunities to be a part of in-person engagement and planning activities throughout the two-year planning process.  Join the online planning and conversation right now.

Consultant Team:

World-renowned landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh and a team of local and national experts will lead the two-year development of a visionary Master Plan that will define and guide the creation of a world-class Dorothea Dix Park.  Click here for information about the intensive process leading to the selection of Michael Van Valkenburgh and Associates (MVVA) to lead this work.


Committee Structure:

A multi-tiered committee structure has been developed to ensure broad and deep community engagement in creating Dorothea Dix Park.


Master Plan Executive Committee

The Master Plan Executive Committee represents the public-private partnership between Dorothea Dix Park Conservancy and The City of Raleigh.  This committee led the selection process for the lead consultant (unanimously recommending MVVA to the Raleigh City Council), oversees the allocation of funding, works closely with the design team, steers the planning process at key inflection points, and will ultimately recommend a completed Master Plan to the Raleigh City Council.  Throughout the planning process, it will consult with the Master Plan Advisory Committee, Workgroups, stakeholder/leadership groups, and directly with the public.  The eight members of the Master Plan Executive Committee are:

City of Raleigh:

Dorothea Dix Park Conservancy:


Master Plan Advisory Committee

The Master Plan Advisory Committee represents a diverse cross-section of the community, with members selected through a public application process.  This Committee advises the consultant team, makes recommendations to the Master Plan Executive Committee, and is deeply involved in public outreach and engagement. Click here for information about the formation of the Advisory Committee.


Master Plan Workgroups

Master Plan Workgroups enrich the planning process by providing topic-specific expertise and playing a central role in public outreach and engagement. If you are interested in joining a workgroup, please click here for more information and to sign up.



To reiterate, this committee structure exists to help ensure creation of a Dorothea Dix Park that will meaningfully enrich our quality of life in North Carolina.  To accomplish this, we need you.  We need you to come to in-person planning activities.  We need you to be a part of the online planning.  We need you to help create Dorothea Dix Park.